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Please stop reproducing in the apartment.

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Three Day Weekends

I passed the final exam for my Friday class. The reason why the finals were so early is because the class lasts for seven days-every Friday. For the rest of the semester I'll be having three-day weekends! This is a glorious dream, even with work. I've always dreamed of this, but the dreams were stonger in high school. Keeping up with eight subjects a day and figuring out how to study them all was frustrating. I don't have good studying skills so one or two classes a day really helps.
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An Argentine woman marries a man convicted of murdering her twin sister more than two years ago. She, and the groom as well, believes he is innocent of the crime. He has already served a thirteen year prison sentence, but after the nuptial, February 14, he was cuffed and taken back to prison. Of course, countless people(and the bride's parents) tried to prevent and stop this wedding, but the couple went through with the marriage anyway. So what do ya think? Would you marry someone who was accused and deemed guilty for murder? Even if yu believed they were innocent of the crime, would you keep your relationship with them?
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My "Adventure"

My roommate had to go out of town due to a family emergency, two days ago, so the two days before she left, a friend and I planned for me to sleep over at her house to at most Sunday. I knew I’d be homesick so I planned at to stay to at least Friday evening (today) or Saturday evening. I knew she smoked, and she’d warned me she also smoked weed. I was also told that her family was letting a person reside in their house behind their mom’s back. I didn’t mind that. I just wanted to spend time with a close friend I’ve known since middle school. Plus I don’t smoke; do drugs or any other wacky stuff, so ya know. After dropping off my roommate at the airport (Thursday), I went to school, and drove straight to my friend’s house right after. Her house is pretty, small and cute. But it’s a wreck inside. Everything’s clustered and cluttered throughout the house. Partially because she and her family recently moved into the house, but the house is too small to store all their belongings so they just sat there and gathered dust. Not a single clean space existed in that house. Half-eaten meals were left on the stair steps, the floors were dingy, and the bathrooms were disgusting. The bathrooms had kitchen tools, pet food bags, unflushed toilets, and shaved hair in them. The bed I was expected to sleep in, the cleanest bed of the house, was messy, dirty, and dingy as well. I’m glad I listened to my intuition when it told me to bring my sleeping bag. None of the family members had a clue as to where even their own stuff was, it was so messy in there…they have two cats and a dog so it stinks of ammonia, piss, and dung, but reeks of all three in the basement where the secret person resides in.  The secret person lives in the room that’s part of the basement, which is also a mess. That’s also where the weed and tobacco are smoked. So it stinks. Not as cluttered, but messy, dirty, and dingy in there, too. The secret person, she’s nice and easy to talk to.  She’s in our age group too. She’s a whore and smokes all that stuff as well, and works part-time at a fastfood restaurant to pay the “rent”. The oldest brother, a year younger than me and my friend, also smokes and does weed. So when they’re all smoking, they’re in that room, making the basement reek, and I wonder why the mother NEVER checks to see what’s going on down there. Like, what’ll happen when, for some reason, she has to go down there and finds the girl and that stash of weed(she only knows her two oldest smoke tobacco, the two younger ones are in third grade so they have nothing to do with this story).The girl’s been living there for four months now.  After just half day and night there, I decided to leave today, Friday. I drove to school and I never came back. Now I’m at home starting to see this horrid nightmare as a funny, but disgusting experience.

Person who Stole my Friend's Phone

So two days ago, I find out the reason someone texted "You've got the wrong number" on my own friend's phone last November was because she lost it on a trip in Mexico. So I'm wondering if the contacts and information on it were erased and joked yesterday that I could get a hobo as a stalker via text message, and today I thought; "Why don't I just text this person?" Not an interesting conversation, but this is how it went.

Me: Y'd u go and steal my friend's phone? That's not nice ._.
Thief: Who
Me: U. She lost it on her trip. Dont worry, she's getting a new one.
A few second later, they call my cellphone, but when I picked up and said hello like three times, no one answered. Just a strange silence. Maybe they were alone in their room or somethin'.

College Guys Like Fresh Meat

Well, I finally ran into one of them. He wanted to know where I worked, lived, if my parents lived together, what car they drove, where they work, if they served the military, etc. Then he asked if I go to clubs, if I had a boyfriend, and what I do on weekends. He asked if my parents would approve of him. He asked me a lot of personal questions, and every question was answered with a lie. I think he needs to find someone else to prey on. I already had two people break into my house and I am trying my best to prevent that from happening again. I also don't want to be mislead and manipulated. He can break into someone else's house,manipulate someone, or whatever he's trying to do. I'm not up for that.

Spring Semester

Spring semester is going well. I'm still getting to know my classmates because we're quiet( I don't know if all college students are like that), and in some classes, we are spread out around the room, but there's only a few of us so it creates a huge gap per person. I've only seen three people I've known in high school, one being a close friend. Three days a week, she goes to another campus in another city, but on Mondays and Wednesdays, she's at the campus I attend. We meet in the student lounge and talk about our day, thoughts, and so on while we eat. We hardly talk of high school because it sucked. I'm glad I don't go there anymore. As close as it is to where I live, I hardly drive past it, and it's only down the street and around the corner! I like my college. It's also in another city, but it's easy to drive to. Only three exits off the highway. It has a comfortable atmosphere and the students are social and easy-going. This makes me realize how selfish and stuck up most students were in high school. They were constantly checking themselves to make sure they fit in. I've always noticed this, but being around my new classmates made the behavior more obvious. I wont be taking a break, come summer, so I'll be in school all four seasons! I'm glad I'm in school now. Like some of my other friends, I worked all fall. How many of us worked in total? Around five total with an aquaintance included. I hope all goes well for my first semester.


Hello, 2013!! How I celebrated? Nothing special. I ate at China Garden and watched Lincoln. It really is a good movie:) I'm glad I celebrated even though it wasn't much. No more triple dates anymore for us(12/12/12)!


I don't like when people pry into my belongings without asking permission. If I did that to them they would see me as rude. They could have knocked and asked to come in. They could have asked to see some of my things. I would have let them in, but it wouldn't have hurt them if they couldn't look at something important to me. Sometimes, just having a room isn't enough.

Thankgiving was Nice

All thanksgiving day I was preparing food. I made pound cake, maceroni and cheese, mashed sweet potatoes after the first few dishes the night before. So it turned out nice. We sat around the table and talked about how good the food was and what we're thankful for. I'm thankful that although we have some problems and troubles, in the end we're still a family, although some of us went our separate ways :)

I hope those of us who did not come enjoyed themselves wherever they are...

Preparing the food.

Ok so far I'm making greens and black eyed peas. The greens should be done by tonight and the beans will cook over night in the crockpot. Then tomorrow morning I'll start on the maceroni and cheese and pound cake, and ten lastly the pork loin. Maybe I'll still make the pie...

Thanksgiving Shopping

Spent half my day shopping for thanksgiving. All of my grocieries are ingredients for several recipes. I'm planning to make pork loin, mashed sweet potatoes, black eyed peas, mac&cheese...hmm, what else...,greens, pie(I haven't picked which flavor to make, yet) and that's about it (so far)....the rest were ingredients such as lime juice, oranges, apples, salt, vinegar(not sure I spelled that right, but whatever)...., milk, butter, cheese, and a hodgepodge of other thangs. Wow, I am ready to cook all day tomorrow. Usually my family and I cook all day on Thanksgiving day and then we sit down to eat(we're done by dinner time) but this time we bought things a little bit early so we might start cooking tomorrow. Or maybe we can break up what we have to cook, like mac&cheese one day, greens, the next, and so on. Hmmm, what do you think?

Oh yeah! One of my friends graduate from boot camp by the end of next January so I'll be there for the ceremony! She wants to join the air force. That's pretty brave to me, especially that there's no way I'd be able to surive boot camp! Yikes!

Friend's b-day party

Was great! She just turned 18 today and had a huge house party, like EVERYONE was there. We danced for hours, watched movies, played wii, and ate on the balcony. First we had grilled hotdogs in the evening and a few hours later, the birthday cake. Her mother made it(she's awesome). It was a chocolate caramel cake and it tasted good. Usually when I eat home-made cake it's underbaked. A few years ago, the math center I was tutored at was celebrating something, I can't remember, and the manager's wife had made cake for us. She didn't bake it long enough. It had a faint milky taste and was kind of watery and squishy. It was supposed to be a vanilla cake(one of my favorites)but she flunked it. Hard. The other incident happened at a resturant on my mother's birthday. The waitress served us a vanilla cake as well but all we could taste were the chemicals in it(we usually eat raw/organic) especially in the icing! Even if we normaly ate inorganic food we still wouldn't have liked it.

Anyway, I always enjoy sitting on my friend's balcony. The neighborhood is surrounded by trees, and her house is on a hill. It's not steep up front but it's steep behind the house, right under her balcony. The trees are beautiful; they blanket the steep slope even beyond the end. All you see is gold, orange, and brown, I love spending time on her balcony! And in the summer, it's an endless sea of green.

It was great seeing everyone again. After graduating we all went our separate ways and some of us are still attending high school. Boy, I miss everyone!

Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Listen to them when I really need to chill out. Some of their songs are pretty deep.
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Hello. I'm deeply interested in people's experiences, opinions, and inquiries. You could say I enjoy observing people's behavior, reaction to stimuli, and other subjects related to human psychology as well. This site is perfect for that. But I also came to chat and share experiences and the like with you all so let us all be friends, ok? Until next time ^^
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