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My roommate had to go out of town due to a family emergency, two days ago, so the two days before she left, a friend and I planned for me to sleep over at her house to at most Sunday. I knew I’d be homesick so I planned at to stay to at least Friday evening (today) or Saturday evening. I knew she smoked, and she’d warned me she also smoked weed. I was also told that her family was letting a person reside in their house behind their mom’s back. I didn’t mind that. I just wanted to spend time with a close friend I’ve known since middle school. Plus I don’t smoke; do drugs or any other wacky stuff, so ya know. After dropping off my roommate at the airport (Thursday), I went to school, and drove straight to my friend’s house right after. Her house is pretty, small and cute. But it’s a wreck inside. Everything’s clustered and cluttered throughout the house. Partially because she and her family recently moved into the house, but the house is too small to store all their belongings so they just sat there and gathered dust. Not a single clean space existed in that house. Half-eaten meals were left on the stair steps, the floors were dingy, and the bathrooms were disgusting. The bathrooms had kitchen tools, pet food bags, unflushed toilets, and shaved hair in them. The bed I was expected to sleep in, the cleanest bed of the house, was messy, dirty, and dingy as well. I’m glad I listened to my intuition when it told me to bring my sleeping bag. None of the family members had a clue as to where even their own stuff was, it was so messy in there…they have two cats and a dog so it stinks of ammonia, piss, and dung, but reeks of all three in the basement where the secret person resides in.  The secret person lives in the room that’s part of the basement, which is also a mess. That’s also where the weed and tobacco are smoked. So it stinks. Not as cluttered, but messy, dirty, and dingy in there, too. The secret person, she’s nice and easy to talk to.  She’s in our age group too. She’s a whore and smokes all that stuff as well, and works part-time at a fastfood restaurant to pay the “rent”. The oldest brother, a year younger than me and my friend, also smokes and does weed. So when they’re all smoking, they’re in that room, making the basement reek, and I wonder why the mother NEVER checks to see what’s going on down there. Like, what’ll happen when, for some reason, she has to go down there and finds the girl and that stash of weed(she only knows her two oldest smoke tobacco, the two younger ones are in third grade so they have nothing to do with this story).The girl’s been living there for four months now.  After just half day and night there, I decided to leave today, Friday. I drove to school and I never came back. Now I’m at home starting to see this horrid nightmare as a funny, but disgusting experience.

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